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Web Extension

Low—web is an open source browser extension that reduces the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your internet browsing.

  • SupportsFirefox, Chrome
  • Version v0.0.6
  • Last update Feb 2, 2020
  • Language English

How ?

Une webextension peut bloquer ou modifier le contenu d'une page. Les possibilités sont donc nombreuses de bloquer ce qui est inutile ou lorsque c'est possible d'optimiser le contenu.

Quelques optimisations (optionnelles) faites par l'extension low—web :

  • réduction de la qualité des vidéos youtube et vimeo
  • limitation de l’autoplay et boucle vidéo et son
  • réduction de la qualité des images
  • clic pour charger un embed video
  • survol pour lire un gif animé
  • blocage des contenus sociaux, genre like, share, comment ou optimisation des tweets, insta etc...
  • optimisation spécifique pour éviter les dark-patterns et la surconsommation de contenu (Youtube pour le moment)
  • blocage par type de fichiers
  • et plus : header 'save-data: on', survol pour charger des Giphy, désactivation des animations, blocage des avatars

Plus de détails https://github.com/lowwebtech/low-web-extension#details

Why ?

The internet consumes about 8% of the electricity produced worldwide and emits 3 to 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Every request and calculation are a small amounts of electricity consumed and we visit billions of pages and websites needing to run millions of servers or devices like telephones always more powerful and ever more obsolete.

But while internet browsing energy reduction must be done, let’s not forget it will never have as much impact as the reduction of internet manufacturing and devices that connect to it. We need to keep our computers, phones, etc and repair them as long as possible.


Web Extension

Low—radical is an open source browser extension that shuts down data and websites from Amazon (for now).

  • SupportsFirefox, Chrome (soon)
  • Version v0.0.3
  • Last update Jul 14, 2020
  • Language English

how it works

The extension lets you choose between:

  • hard mode : completely block Amazon websites (a fallback will appear)
  • soft mode : block the ability to buy on Amazon websites, by removing the add to cart or purchase buttons, as well as the Basket, Account, Checkout... pages.

The content therefore remains visible in soft mode, it is just downgraded:

  • grayscale filter is applied over all website
  • blocks unnecessary files of type: font, media (video / sound), iframe and object for all Amazon websites
  • and therefore no possibility to buy on Amazon

The extension also attempts to limit the use of AWS servers:

  • display of a "AWS" badge (inside topbar icon) on websites using AWS servers.
  • block unnecessary files from Amazon CDNs

And in addition, you can modify all occurrences of the name Jeff Bezos, for example 'Jeff 🖕Bezos' (stay calm, this finger is just pointing to the sky ... the moon ... blueorigin ...)


Here are some explainations:

  • Amazon is largely powered by fossil fuels, more than any other big tech company.
  • Amazon exploits workers, fights unions and fights tax laws that would support local economies.
  • Amazon creates catastrophic packaging waste and destroys millions of unsold items to free spaces in its warehouses.
  • Amazon is creating a huge monopoly on online commerce and the infrastructure for selling on the internet
  • Amazon tracks, creates, optimizes, analyzes all our needs to make us consume as much as possible at the lowest price whatever the consequences, especially for employment (1 Amazon job destroys 2-3 jobs)